R GUI Projects Overview

GUI additions to R range in different categories. IDE/Script Editors aim to provide feature-rich environments to edit R scripts and code. ESS for Emacs is another powerful script-based interface to the R language (although not a GUI). This page describes specific installation procedure for Windows users. Help tools participate in making a friendly user environment, by providing easier access to the various features of the software. Other extensions connect R to graphical toolboxes that can be used for developing menus and dialog boxes: Tcl/Tk, Gtk, and wxPython. R-(D)COM server allows to access R using Microsoft COM.. Access to R via spreadsheets is developed for Excel and for Gnumeric. Web servers, another way to build GUIs, are provided by SNetscape, Rserve, RSOAP, R.NET.Web and Rpad. They lead to projects where analyses are considered differently, in a client-server way, like Rho and RStatServer. Finally, a few ongoing projects specifically focus on providing an intuitive and easy to use GUI on top of R: R Commander, SciViews-R, JGR (Java GUI for R, pronounce "jaguar", possibly supplemented with Deducer) and RKward. Brodgar is a separate (commercial) software designed mainly for biologists. It can link to R and submit code from its own GUI for EDA and many graphs. Keep an eye on TeXmacs also, a notebook GUI, because a link with R is currently developed. Poor man's GUI (Pmg) is another, highly interactive R GUI using Gtk2. Another Gtk2 GUI, but specific for data mining is Rattle. RAnalyticFlow and Orange allow for visual programming (using flowchart metaphor) with R.

Finally, some other projects seems to be discontinued (authors should contact me if they update their web site): Obversive and StatPaper and RWeb.

Last update: 19 October 2011, by Philippe Grosjean.