SciViews R

SciViews-R is a series of packages providing a GUI API on top of R, a free (Open Source) statistical software based on the S language.


You must first install R from CRAN ("Comprehensive R Archive Network"). R can be installed on different systems (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, ...) and binaires/installers are provided for several OSes.

To install SciViews-R from CRAN, you simply enter the following instruction at the R command line on a machine connected to the Internet:

SciViewsPackages <- c("SciViews", "svMisc", "svSocket", "svGUI", "svIDE", "svKomodo", "svDialogs", "svSweave", "svTools", "svUnit", "svWidgets", "tcltk2") install.packages(SciViewsPackages)

For a short description of the packages in SciViews-R, see hereunder.

Where to start...

Once the SciViews-R additional packages are installed in R, here is how you can load one of these packages; type in R:


You have now access to the function in that package. Try for instance:

display(guiDlg("SciViews-R", "My first dialog box with SciViews-R"))

You should then look at the R online help, and browse for help and examples for the various 'svXXXX' packages:


Here is a short description of the SciViews-R packages:

There is a video demonstrating the use of svSocket for communication between different R processes.

Note: the package svDialogs can manage (custom) menus for a R console under Linux/Unix, but you have to install a little Gtk2 program (ctxmenu) to display these menus on screen. Follow instruction in this zipped file. This little program is derived from gtkMenu.

Note2: the package tcltk2 allows for DDE interaction with R under Windows. The help page indicates the use of execdde.exe utility that is no longer distributed with the package, but can be downloaded from here. Unzip the file and place execdde.exe in a directory that is in your path (for instance, c:\Windows\system32).

Question? Suggestion? Bug report?

If you have any question about SciViews-R, send an email to