An extension to the Tidyverse

SciViews::R is an extension to the Tidyverse aiming to make R even more easy to use by everyone. The various packages that compose the SciViews::R dialect offer a coherent set of fonctions to import, manipulated, plot and analyze data. It is basically a slightly modified Tidyverse, with more emphasis on formulas and coherence of its interface.

Main packages are:

  1., an enhanced data import/export with metadata (labels, units, …). It also allow to “decorate” standard datasets with such metadata, in various languages.
  2. chart, a package dedidated to plots with an emphasis on the formula interface for ggplot2. It also creates plots that can be easily combined (compatibility) from the three main R plotting engine: base plots, lattice and ggplot2.
  3. flow proposes two alternate pipe operators that are easier to use that the magrittr’one in Tidyverse. One of theses pipes operators (%>_%) also make tidyeval easier.


# Load SciViews::R