Additional applications for the SciViews Box can be easily installed from here (also accessible from the Apps button at the bottom of the SciViews Box Configuration panel). Download the application(s) you want for your SciViews Box version into the default Downloads folder, then log out the SciViews Box and log in again to trigger their installation.

To know which applications are already installed in your SciViews Box, go to the configuration dialog and click the About button, just at the left of the Apps button. Installed applications are listed in the # SciViews applications: section in the order they were (re)installed.

An exemple if SciViews Box applications installation and reinstallation.

If you fail to install an application you have downloaded (for instance, if you answered No when you were asked for its installation), just redownload and reinstall the application.

SciViews Box 2020

Applications for the SciViews Box 2020 are here.

SciViews Box 2019

Applications for the SciViews Box 2019 are here.

SciViews Box 2018

Box updates

These updates are cumulative. Thus installing the last one is enough to be up-to-date.

  • svbox2018a-2 - Cummulative update and bugs corrections after preinstallation of the SciViews Box 2018a.

  • svbox2018a - Preinstallation of the SciViews Box 2018a.