SciViews Box 2020 Applications

For help on these applications, see here; To install the SciViews Box, click the button above.

  • svbox2020-2 - Update v.2: more cheatsheets for R and Python.

  • svbox2020-1 - Preinstallation (already provided with the box, for reinstallation purposes only).

  • AnyDesk - Allows you to easily share your desktop with someone else. Useful for working together on a project or to get technical help. Only the SciViews Box is shared, not the rest of your computer! See also the AnyDesk features.
  • BioDataScience - Extension required by the course ‘Science des DonnĂ©es I, II & III’ at University of Mons, Belgium. Install the BioDataScience(X) R packages to have a local access to learnrs and Shiny applications for the course plus Hugo installation for blogdown. See also SDD I course, SDD II course, and SDD III course.