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Philippe Grosjean

Philippe Grosjean


I am a professor of marine ecology and data sciences at the University of Mons (UMONS), Belgium. My research interests include coral ecophysiology, artificial reef mesocosms, automatic identification of plankton images, growth models, machine learning algorithms, evolution and ecology of open source software. I lead the Numerical Ecology of Aquatic Systems unit, which studies coral and plankton, and develops software for the ecologist. I teach the whole curriculum of data sciences to students in biology at the Faculty of Science at UMONS where we emphasize the importance of good practice for reproducible research and open science. I am also in charge of the courses in marine ecology, ecophysiology, oceanography, and aquariology at UMONS.

Contact Information

  • +32 65 37 34 97
  • Mons, Belgium.

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I am in charge of the conception and development of the various SciViews software. My contributions in term of documentation and especially, user support are more limited.

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