{svMisc} provides a series of functions that are used by the other packages that make the SciViews::R dialect. You can also use most of them directly, like a progress bar, a function to run analyses in batch (and recover in case of error), management of a temporary environment, etc.


You can install the released version of {svMisc} from CRAN with:

You can also install the latest development version. Make sure you have the {remotes} R package installed:


Use install_github() to install the {svMisc} package from GitHub (source from master branch will be recompiled on your machine):


R should install all required dependencies automatically, and then it should compile and install {svMisc}.

Further explore {svMisc}

You can get further help about this package this way: Make the {svMisc} package available in your R session:

Get help about this package:

library(help = "svMisc")
vignette("svMisc") # None is installed with install_github()

For further instructions, please, refer to the help pages at https://www.sciviews.org/svMisc/.

Code of Conduct

Please note that the {svMisc} package is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.

Note to developers

This package used to be developed on R-Forge in the past. However, the latest R-Forge version was moved to this Github repository on 2016-03-16 (SVN version 569). Please, do not use R-Forge anymore for SciViews development, use this Github repository instead.